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European Health Foundation

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Adresse Torenallee 20, pv 45
5617BC eindhoven
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Take control of your own health â The European Health Foundation is committed to this statement. We realize that in todayâ s economically challenged world, it is more important than ever to be self-reliant. Especially when it comes to the health and well being of you and your family. Mission The European Health Foundation finds it important that everybody is able to take care of their own health, without spending a lot of money. We firmly believe, that with the aid of our self-help training presentations and books, we can make the world healthier. Our informative videos will enable people to work on their own or their familyâ s current health matters, without crippling the family budget. Description In this time of economic crisis, therapists and other health professionals are a costly expenditure that the average familyâ s budget does not support. The European Health Foundation is NOT a replacement for professional medical care, but rather a viable alternative by providing its customers with a wide range of tips and suggestions in order to help them cope and eventually solve some of todayâ s most common ailments and mental health issues. The European Health Foundation is happy to announce that we have put together an extensive and informative library of self help DVDâ s with more titles available in the near future. The aim is to make an informative presentation together with bonus materials, for a myriad of health issues that plague todayâ s society. The videos are created by experts and are easy to follow. How we do thisâ We work with the best health univerversities in the world There is no agenda other than that of providing the general public with affordable tools, tips and training so that they can take charge of their own health care needs. Nobody is on the pay list. The expenses we face are those that deal with the practices of acquiring the latest and most relevant information, production and the distribution cost of the videos. The generous donations that we recieve from time to time are used to cover these costs and the proceeds from the sale of the DVDâ s and books are used to enhance our production values for future titles that are currently in developement.

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