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Adresse 34, Boulevard du Souverain
B-1170 Brussels
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Training & Coaching Services Auch in Zeiten von Peer-Learning, e-Learning und Lerngruppen - Training & Coaching Services sind immer noch ein wichtiger und starker Faktor in Bildungsprozessen. Der persönliche Austausch zwischen Trainer oder Coach und Lernenden ist oft von Vorteil und in vielen Organisationen sind Experten-Trainings und Coachings für Führungskräfte ist ein fester Bestandteil Entwicklungsstrategie. Das Learning Agency Network bietet Training und Coaching-Leistungen für die folgenden Themen: 1. Fühungskräfte 2. Innovative Methoden für Lernen und Knowledge Management 3. Administrative Fähigkeiten 4. Persönliche Entwicklung Learning and Techniques Techniques in Learning should have simple goals. The trend of technique promotion in learning has generated two tough questions: What type of training is necessary? and, How much training is sufficient? Here are some training and development principles. â Trainees should learn to use techniques in a way that allows them to address the mission of themselves or their organization: learning to succeed. This means that trainers will need to learn the pedagogical (not just technical) priorities related to instructional techniques. It is not the plain availability or use of technique that ensures good learning practices and trainee success. â Learning of techniques should focus upon specific, mission-critical skills; trainee success will be borne out of the appropriate selection, precise mix, and proper use of instructional techniques. â A team-based methodology should be adopted in a way that allows organization to bring effective learning products to the trainees in a time- and cost-efficient fashion. â Training that is delivered virtually as well as face-to-face facilitates these goals while preserving the priority of good learning practice and a learner-centered education. There is a need for highly skilled and productive personnel to shape economies all over the world. Trainees need skills that are ï exible and relevant to the demands of today s societies, and to gain a combination of knowledge, practical and social skills and positive attitudes, as well as the ability to think and act independently, creatively and responsibly. Solutions: We are currently offering... â Train the Trainer - Instructional Techniques Training â Rapid eLearning creation with authorware â Effective Sales Training Techniques â Programme Evaluation Training - feedback forms, action plans and follow-up â Project Management â Creativity Techniques â Effective Presentations Techniques

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